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Why Do You Need to get Plot Vastu Analysis done?


What Are the Benefits You will obtain After going by the Vastu Shastra based


You need to get Shop (Office) Vastu shastra Analysis done if you observe one or many or all of the following signs.

You will be astonished by adopting the remedies we give you.

You will see results, they would just be obvious.

The Symptoms to adopt Vastu Shastra for office/shop are as stated below:


Extreme fluctuations in trade (profit and loss).

Expansion not possible and no flourishing activity.

Low trend in business

Low sales

Lying stocks.

Workmen and salesmen not attentive and not regular.

Hurdles and obstacles at each step.

decrease in number of orders

Litigation cases with Excise, IT, DRI etc unsettled or dismissed

Loss from shares and stock market

Unsuccessful meetings


If Any one of the above experience or problems you face, your office/shop may

not be built in accordance with the Vastu Shastra building principles. Accepted

tenets of Vastu shastra have not been followed.


So, it is a time to act.  It is imperative to requisition services of a vastu shastra

expert. Just send us a mail with your problem ( check the requirements link) and

 we will respond within 24 hours. Sending a mail doesn't cost a dime!


After consultation you will notice the results after the changes made.

You will be very pleased and at harmony.



Less fluctuations in trade more inclined towards profit.

High sale

Quick sale of stocks

Dedicated working team in the office or shop.

Successful meetings and correct decisions taken.

Increased orders.

Lawsuits and legal problems solved.

Cordial environment at work and harmony maintained.

Finance gets available.

Cash flow control and good financial figures show up.

Positive stock market growth.


Who should opt for shop/office vastu shastra advice??


Advocates  & Lawyers

Chartered Accountants


All Shop owners

Small firms

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Aum the auspicious vastu shastra symbol
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