Mrs.Jyoti Laddha


Vastu Shastra Expert and a premiere Consultant


Mrs. Jyoti Laddha, a renowned vastu consultant since 9 years is a married

woman of 45 years. Her basic Qualification is Master of Arts in Economics.

She, now a professional came into this profession 10 years ago out of

personal need to design her own house based on vastu shastra. She has no

w advised with results.


After studying many renowned books on vastu shastra she structured her

house. There was remarkable improvement in the life of her and her family

when they moved into the new house.


Being a very social person, She started to consult her friends and relatives

on vastu shastra based home design. The results they got after some changes

 were good and pleasing.


Some of them have been shared in the testimonials page.


After 1 year she felt she should do more for people as she believes in the

power of vastu-shastra immensely and studied advanced vastu shastra and its

other topics.


She feels that it is a life changing opportunity and one should take it

seriously. She says, "It is a science and not a myth. I believe in a simple logic

that if u can couple science knowledge with a little bit of astronomy, then

why opt only for scientific advice." This thought made her step into the world

 of consulting as many people as possible on vastu shastra based design of

their property.


She has since then never looked back. Although the outcomes have been

varying, but they are always positive and never negative. She is now

constantly updating her knowledge on the subject of vastu shastra and

enhancing the level of service. Her urge to contribute to a better life is

immense and we feel it is really valuable to get suggestions from the lady



She provides the advice in a very straight forward way after thorough

scrutiny and separate study for each case. She feels, she can provide the

people who are busy, a comprehensive and reasonable vastu consultancy for

their betterment.


Mrs.Jyoti Laddha

Vastu Shastra Expert and a premiere Consultant
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