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7 . How will I come to know that your given remedies are working??

The results will be visible for themselves. You will notice the difference. Yourselves!

I will relate it to a feeling so that you can associate with that feeling you will get



“You work without tiring the whole day and are exhausted. You return home.

You see your family, Spouse, Children, sit and relax. ”


What is your feeling then??

It is to be felt!!

This would be a abstract feeling coupled with control over cash flow, temperament

problems, patient and positive attitude, booming business, more opportunities to

grab on to. In all it would be a feeling of harmony with yourself and people around

you. The material benefits would be obvious!!


A straight forward answer:

Vastu Shastra based advice is a studied advice from ancient science based

principles. We spend too much (time, money, emotions) on construction of our

properties or while purchasing them. If there is a improper vastu problem in the

house, office or say any property, it is very likely to lose out on happiness,

prosperity and maybe wealth too!


I say, If all this can be transformed by means of simple techniques to health,

Wealth, prosperity, happiness, the price you are going to pay is nothing instead of

losing out on all this by not getting the advice and most importantly following it!


The consultation fees is also very very low compared to the cost of purchase of the

 property. It is a “Win-Win” situation.

And If your wish to get advice from me is concerned, I first of all would like to

say, there are many advisors on the internet. FEEL FREE TO GET ADVICE FROM


across these advisors, I see that the price you pay me is much reasonable

comparatively. You can crosscheck. I am financially free but money needs to be

taken to make up for the shipping, time input, and to keep professionalism and

‘perfect output syndrome’ to the hilt and up to its spirit.



1 . Why should I pay to get advice for Vastu Shastra (Vaastu Shastra) advice? (The most important question on mind). And why do I choose you for the exclusive advice?

2 . What is Vastu Shastra (Vaastu Shastra)?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture. It involves several principles

of constructing buildings and the science of living in nature with harmony with the

environment by balancing the five elements of nature namely Earth, Space, Air,

Fire, Water.

Vastu Shastra may also be termed as the SCIENCE OF DIRECTIONS that

combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with man and the

Material. It involves using the cosmic energy in the universe to the benefit of our


These energies have a profound impact on the vastu.

3 . How will I know if bad vastu (vaastu) is my problem??

1. Constant tiredness, continual sickness, Unwanted negative thoughts, always thinking in a pessimistic way, A tensed feeling lingering in mind.

2. Money and cash flow is bad. Comes in and goes out as quickly.

3. Business losses.

4. Property dispute.

5. Constant arguments with known people (partner, spouse etc.).

6. Legal problems, lawsuit problems.

7. Behavioral or educational problems in children.

8. Stale, lack of motivation or direction.

9. Overall feeling of bad luck.

Some of these or all of these symptoms suggest you have a consultation done.


4 . How long will it take to achieve results??

My consultation experience shows that results start showing in 21 days.  It may take more also. The time required to obtain results may vary but it is guaranteed you will see the results.

5 . Is it possible to achieve good vastu shastra results without the demolition of my house??

YES. It is indeed possible to achieve good vastu shastra results without the demolition of house, or I must say any vastu property.

Just go through our vastu without demolition link.

You will get a complete exhaustive information in it.

6 . What is remedial vastu shastra??

Remedial vastu shastra is nothing but similar to vastu shastra remedies and remedies obtained without demolition of the vastu property. It is providing vastu shastra based remedies to vastu faults (doshas) and improving the living conditions and bringing prosperity.

Shree Ganesh. The lord
Aum the auspicious vastu shastra symbol
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