Mumbai has water to its north-east. All major lakes and  drinking water sources are

located to the North-East of  Mumbai. It has an Atomic Power Plant representing

AGNI(FIRE) in the South-East of Mumbai. Fire is a key element in  prosperity of any

vastu location. Mumbai has ARABIAN SEA to the west which is a   perfect location for

VAYU(WIND). So many vastu shastra factors are in favor of Mumbai  city planning.

This has made it a very developed and a rich city that we all know.



Japan has a strategic location according to the vastu  sciences. It has sea located in

the north as well as the East which according to vastu shastra is very auspicious. The

Eastern side of Japan is widely spread and open  which gives it the full benefit of the

sun rays.  Today, We all know Japan is a rich and prosperous country. However,

HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI are to the south  and south eastern parts. It is a place

 of fire according to vastu science. However, there is sea to south and south  east of

 Japan. This has caused the dangerous bombings and also the earthquakes.


We all know that USA is a very powerful and a prosperous wealthy nation. It has

 many elements of vastu shastra as the responsible factors. The country is located

 more to the eastern side rather than the west (area wise). The extension is towards

 the  north east which is very auspicious according to the vastu shastra sciences.

 That brings out a fact that the north eastern part of  USA is so prosperous and

 growing. USA is still getting richer which has a main contribution from this north

 eastern region. 


The North-East corner of this continent is intersected. North-West Portion is

projected. South-East and South have unlimited water. All these conditions are just

 not supporting Vastu  Shastra  science rules. This has resulted in the African

countries remaining  backward, uneducated and poor. However, the northern country

 is EGYPT in this continent. Here there exists MEDITERRANEAN SEA  which is

favorable according to vastu. Thus, Egypt has blooming civilizations till date.


This is one of the biggest Hindu temples and a very holy place for them to

worship. It is a very prosperous temple with ever increasing donations for the

 sages and various development activities being carried out. The temple is a unique

 example of vastu shilpa shastra architecture and design. The main temple is

situated to the South-West side of the temple complex. In the North-East

direction there is a lake and a pond. The dine section is in the south-East

direction. There is a store room for storing grain in the North-West side of the

temple. The Eastern and the Northern parts are open. The main temple is situated

 only in 1/4th of the total temple area. Almost all vastu shastra principles are

obeyed. The outcomes are only visible and nothing else!!


LONDON is ideally situated according to the principles of Vastu-shastra. There

are many gardens to the North-West and the East. Many universities are present

 in the North-East corner. The boundary of England is more towards the north

and the east direction. All these factors are very beneficial according to the

vastu science.

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